Word Surge is a theme-based puzzle game about forming words and clearing levels.

Swipe to form words, and advance through Word Surge’s 70+ unique levels! Your goal in each level is to find and clear all of the words, which are hidden in the puzzle. You'll notice that all of the hidden words share a common theme, which is hinted at by the level's shape.

As you clear words, the remaining letters tumble down, and reveal other words needed to clear the puzzle. Levels become progressively more challenging as their shapes get more intricate and their themes become more unique.

Every theme and shape is novel and interesting, making each puzzle a new and refreshing challenge to hunt for associated words. You must carefully plan your moves such that letters fall down in the correct order, letting you clear the letters and beat the puzzle.

Therefore, it takes a keen eye and sharp word association skills to clear all 70+ levels. The fun challenge presented by Word Surge makes it the perfect game for word search lovers, linguists, crossword fanatics, and casual gamers alike.